Our Values

We are firm believers in the adage that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only minutes to ruin it. To this end, we only look to do business with and invest behind people who operate with the utmost integrity, emphasize the value of strong, trusted personal relationships, and look to build a collaborative company culture with an emphasis on superior results. And because we give 100% to this relationship and partnership, we expect the same in return from the motivated, world class management teams and entrepreneurs in which we invest.

Partnership Mentality

First and foremost, we view our role as that of a supportive partner, not just an investor. The MPK team quite literally grew up in entrepreneurial households and surrounded by family businesses, so we know first-hand the challenges associated with growing a company, from making critical executive hiring decisions and assembling a highly valuable board of directors, to navigating key strategic decisions or making a transformational acquisition. As investors, entrepreneurs, and executives over the last 25 years, we have experienced many of the situations facing company leaders and understand the importance of being a candid, responsive, and collaborative partner.

We aim to complete only one or two investments each year, so we are not only a highly selective investor but we are also able to devote a substantial amount of our time, resources, and personal networks toward our role as a good partner. Further, because we are not a traditional, institutional private equity fund, we are a patient investment partner and unrestrained from any outside force which may impact our ability to act in the absolute best interest of companies in which we invest. And we are often investing a significant amount of our own capital in each investment, unlike many funds whose partners often invest only a de minimis amount of their own capital in each investment. We know of no better way to show our management team partners that we're on the same side of the table than by personally sharing the downside and upside of an investment in a big way.