Experienced Investment Partner

Over the last 25 years, we have invested in, led, or founded nearly 100 companies with an aggregate transaction value approaching $10 billion. We look to harness this extensive experience to help entrepreneurs and management teams maneuver the myriad challenges which arise when trying to grow a company in a highly competitive, complex, and evolving industry. This collective experience can benefit companies in the following ways:

  • Helping to solve or navigate challenging strategic issues facing a company
  • Leveraging our powerful, global, and broad personal networks
  • Resourcing a company appropriately to support growth or strategic initiatives
  • Building (or expanding) an engaged, candid, and supportive board of directors
  • Helping to recruit essential C-level executives
  • Identifying, facilitating, and providing (or arranging) capital for acquisitions
  • Tapping our extensive, long-term relationships with capital markets providers to facilitate outside capital raises or position a company for an attractive sale or IPO

Highly Attentive Partner

We aim to complete only one or two investments per year and therefore can devote a substantial amount of time and attention to the needs of a company. Moreover, our extensive investment and executive experience has solidified our view that needless meddling in the affairs of management teams is counterproductive. As investor partners, we are not the CEO and we don't run the company—we are aligned with the company leaders and maintain elevated respect for their time and resources. We are available when you need us, not when we think that you need us.

Generous Equity Incentives

Whether we are a minority or majority investor, we are always proponents of equity incentive plans which empower management teams, align interests, and provide significant economic upside for superior results. This framework has been an enduring tenet of every investment and company in which we have been involved over the past 25 years.

Not a Traditional Private Equity Firm

Because MPK is not a traditional private equity firm, we have enhanced flexibility with our investment structures, the ability to be more nimble during the investment process, and our timing for exiting an investment is not governed or impacted by the need to raise subsequent pools of capital. And because we are a small group, the MPK partners with whom you interact are the decision makers who speak for the firm.

Reference Us

As the investment process moves along, we are not only open to prospective management team and entrepreneur partners speaking with our references, but we encourage it. We invite you to call any entrepreneur, company executive, or even service provider with whom we've worked over the last 25 years and you will hear the same thing—"great partner, and they were on our side of the table, regardless of circumstance, every step of the way."